Founded in 2022, LA TRANQUILLINA was born out of a love for Italian handmade products and the aspiration to make them easily accessible. Our brand name is adopted from the founder’s middle name, derived from the word ‘tranquil’ meaning calm, serene, quiet. It synonymously captures our brand’s essence and a lust for life’s little pleasures. 

At the core of our approach is the concept of well-crafted, timeless pieces. Daily companions that can be worn over and again, not influenced by passing trends or fads. Each piece is created by skilled artisans in small workshops in Italy, highlighting our commitment to craftsmanship. 

Our first collection of friulane is an enchanting blend of craftsmanship, lightweight aesthetics and exquisite fabrics. Entirely hand-sewn, the friulane exudes elegance and simplicity, complementing any look, casual or dressy. It offers the comfort of a slipper with the elegance of a loafer. The collection features four silhouettes - Rounded, Pointed, Mule and Mary Janes - enabling you to personalise it to suit your style and mood.